Alaska 2019

The trip my husband and I have been dreaming about since forever was finally here. A gift from family as a late honeymoon (Just over a year later). Having the ability to check a destination off the bucket list! We went into this trip knowing four major tourist cities which we were staying in and that's it. No schedule to go by, no booked tours, nothing, just a place to sleep. Just driving and enjoying each trail, road and beach. 

**I left some images out through the blog so that someday you can see them on your own.


Day One | August 24, 2019

The flight in had us looking out the tiny window the whole time! Glaciers, Icebergs, Fishing barges, and Mount Denali in the far distance.           

Seward highway, the main road between the towns of Seward and Anchorage was an absolute jaw dropper. Just out of the airport/city roads lies these gorgeous mountains overlooking the Turnagain Arm (bay area). There's a reason they have so many turn off's along this stretch of main highway. You can see Beluga Whales in the Turnagain Arm bay!

Winner creek trail is easy yet rewarding and was perfect for our first adventure. From the beginning to the end there was always a view. If you know me, heights are not my thing but the wooden bridge over the creek was super cool and MUCH larger than you would expect from this photo! When you reach the top of this trail, a metal hand tram over the gorge was there which would allow you to take a different descending trail back. Unfortunately the tram was closed while we were there... The trail is in the Alyeska resort located in our favorite little town of Girdwood just off the Seward highway.         

While in Girdwood we grabbed dinner at Jack Sprat. The prices on the menu about gave us a heart attack (which in reality now knowing, everything on the Kenai peninsula is high priced) but after we received the food it was 100% worth it. We even recommended it to our friends that were on the trip as well. What made the meal so interesting was that we sat along the bar area, watching right in front of us their team prepping each salmon filet, scallop and dessert. It blew us away AND forced us to try the chocolate cake that we watched get served multiple times onto plates drizzled in chocolate and tossed with sea salt. Travis doesn't even like chocolate cake and he LOVED this one. So rich, creamy and delicious! 

Day Two | August 25, 2019

With a fishing license in hand, we were off to Bird Creek. Found nestled under a bridge along the Seward highway. When we got there the tides were low the area smelled of gross muck and dead "zombie" fish that had come up stream after spawning. Quite a bit of the bay was dry from low tide so the boys took advantage and went out to a less crowded area. My anxiety was through the roof though... tides come in fast, and it was our first day really getting to know how to read our tide book!

When people who have been there before recommend waders for fishing along the edges, ensure you have suitcase space to bring them.

This dog wandered around the bird creek parking lot for quite some time and really enjoyed that we were having our lunch break. Although, he doesn't care for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. #SPOILED

The shortest, coolest little hike we've ever been on. Virgin Creek Falls trail at a whopping half mile long ROUND TRIP it held mossy tall trees, interesting roots, a waterfall and plenty of places for me to freak out due to heights. . . 

On the road back to our airbnb we stopped to look for some whales and snap a camera timer selfies from the truck. 

Day Three | August 26, 2019

7:30am wake up call! We have a big day heading south to Seward (about 2 hours with no stops)

But check out this morning glow and how LOW the tide is!

Hiking stop at Portage! This place had everything beautiful from a glacier that we hiked to, to Ice burgs floating in the bay, to a secluded little beach with TEAL water that was like in a world you thought didn't exist.

Iceburg ahead!

If I go back, this little hidden beach will have a hammock hanging between trees with my name on it. 

Is it just me or does "Tsunami Evacuation Route" sound like the scariest sign ever? 

Destination: Seward, we made it! The cute marina town with tons of fishing shops, restaurants, and coffee places. 

Jelly fish that were washed up and left from the tides covered beaches everywhere in Alaska. Each day I debated touching one...

No luck fishing in this bay. 

Exit Glacier Park. The "Mile Markers" you see on your hiking path is actually years on where the glacier came to at that time. This gave you a really good representation of just how fast this glacier is melting and how big it really was. 

The twists and turns of the hiking trails following each glacial mark. We got so close the glacier seemed huge still even in 2019. 

A strong breeze from the ice cold water rushing from the glacier is one to experience. It shows natures power, enough to grind rock down to fine sand.

The swan lake fire smoke was shifted towards Seward by the time we had hiked down the glacier and back to the rental truck. 

One more shot at fishing today to catch us some dinner. This time, we went where the locals go. Spring creek was a hit! The salmon were HOT HOT HOT!

Resurrection campground with Matt & Alie for tonight's dinner. 

Sunset with the smoke over the mountains was gorgeous!

Day 4 | August 27, 2019